The Road Back... Returning to Workplaces

As we slowly immerge from our ‘Corona Coma’ it’s time to start thinking about preparing workplaces for employees to begin a ‘new normal’ in a safe and organised way.  Remember, employers have a legal responsibility to identify and manage workplace risk exposures; and this is no different for COVID-19.  Adapting to the ‘new normal’ will require our people to adjust quickly to th...
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Maintaining Workplace Cultures across Remote Workplaces

When we contact our clients, we often get feedback about how we, Verus, are very consistent in our approach, our findings, delivery and professionalism. I put this down to our culture. Workplace culture is all about patterns of behaviours, interactions, rules (both written and unwritten), and the ways people either live up to or ignore the values and beliefs they embrace. It was formed by how my p...
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Safety Audits: Don't Hide or Conceal Evidence

Everyone likes getting a 'good' result from their Safety Audit. If executed well a good result from a Safety Audit can give a measure of comfort that people aren't being exposed to unnecessary risks and are well protected against injury and illness. For some it can also mean that new markets or industries are accessible with a new, or continuing, certification. For others it can provide affir...
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