Safety Audits: Make Sure Your System is Ready

You've spent countless hours writing and developing your health and safety management system, so isn't it time to find out just how good it is? Isn't it time to get that Self Insurance licence or AS4801 accreditation that the System was designed for? Why wait when I could get a Safety Audit done now and move onto something else? But wait you must. By design, Safety Audits check performance at a mo...
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Safety Audits: 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Them

Safety Audits, A waste of everyone's time or a great way to identify safety improvements? Opinion will be mixed. Anyone who has been involved in a Safety Audit will have a different one, formed by their own experiences and those around them. Safety Audits can be good, or they can be a disaster. A good Safety Audit should have all parties engaged positively, working towards a common goal, finding m...
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