Case Studies

Water bottle manufacturing

Verus’s knowledge and experience in developing, reviewing and implementing health and safety management systems for self-insurers saw us selected as the consultant on a project to streamline a multinational manufacturing organisation’s OHS management framework.

The challenge

The framework had been developed 20 years earlier, and the occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) had become an administrative burden. It was acknowledged the system had become complex and 'bloated', requiring bureaucratic effort by safety resources rather than focusing on the people and solving safety issues.

Project Goals

  • Identify opportunities to streamline and improve the efficiency of the OHSMS.
  • Structure the updated framework differently, for a better business impact.
  • Make better use of existing resources.

Our insight

Our experience with health and safety management systems, self-insurance and the National Audit Tool meant we could quickly identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of the OHSMS. We found less administratively burdensome alternatives through seeing where unnecessary effort was being made and where there was flexibility for alternatives to satisfy the audit tool. And because we could understand and interpret the legal, self-insurance and internal business requirements, we could efficiently make decisions on behalf of the client.

The solution

  • A bespoke approach to identify information from various sources – people, records and site visits – to quickly build an understanding of the business and its needs.
  • Recommended changes to the OHSMS that removed duplication, simplified the administration and improved how people interacted with it.
  • A strategic improvement program that covered the safety team, OHSMS, and governance frameworks, ensuring impact across the business.
  • Recommended changes to the assurance program to free up resources and improve the value of the data obtained.
  • Recommended IT system improvements to improve data integrity.

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