Case Studies

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This client, part of a self-insured company, had a safety management system that was old, highly bureaucratic and – not having been designed for the end-user – difficult to follow.

The challenge

The client wanted a new system that was more efficient and easier to use, to better support the safety of their staff. The new system also needed to comply with self-insurance requirements and be developed and rolled out within tight timeframes.

Project Goals

  • Develop a new safety management system that met self-insurance requirements.
  • Ensure the system was better designed for the end user to easily understand.
  • Ensure the system could be quickly rolled out across the organisation.

Our insight

We combined our unique insight into self-insurance with our knowledge of the client’s operations to quickly develop a new system that met all requirements.

Our significant experience in this area also meant we could offer valuable insight on what makes management systems easy or complex to use, to be able to take the existing system and redesign it to better communicate with end-users.

The solution

Verus used its knowledge of systems, self-insurance and the client to quickly develop a simple system that could be rolled out easily across the organisation. Also, by using the bones of the existing system, we were able to reduce the required changes, enabling streamlining of the rollout across the organisation.

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