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Managing the complex overlap between airline and people safety systems in aviation can be an immense challenge.

In aviation, airline safety is clearly important. But the operations that keep customers and aircraft in the air – aircraft maintenance, cabin operation, baggage handling and airport customer service, for example – pose inherent safety risks that must also be managed.

While airline safety is predominantly a compliance-driven system, people safety is about more than compliance. It’s about a strong understanding of the health and safety risks to business, transparency in accountabilities, and engagement. Both safety areas must be managed, but having separate airline and people safety systems can be resource-intensive and difficult to navigate, causing confusion and overlap in expectations.

How Verus can help

Verus assists airlines to identify overlap and gaps in people safety systems and remove the complexity associated with compliance-driven systems. We can:

  • Integrating multiple systems into one effective system that reduces overlap and streamlines compliance efforts.
  • Help provide a platform for continuous improvement and an improved people safety focus and culture.
  • Develop processes that aid in understanding and engagement.

Verus brings health and safety to aviation safety, to keep you, your employees and your customers moving forward – safely.

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