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Mining and safety in Australia are inextricably linked, and right now, they’re at a critical crossroads.

With one of the most complex, publicly visible and high-risk safety profiles, in no other industry is expert health and safety insight potentially more crucial than in mining.

Recent tragic events have again highlighted just how essential it is that mining companies have access to the specialised health and safety insight they need to navigate the immense challenges the sector presents.

How Verus can help

Verus operates at the forefront of health and safety consultancy in Australia. We partner long-term with our mining clients to deliver strategic, specialised insight and solutions tailored to their challenges. In mining, this often involves the bespoke design and delivery of:

  • Project Risk Profiling
  • Project risk Assessments
  • Safe Work Procedures

Our approach is grounded in honesty and integrity above all else, and this may mean that when it comes to safety, we’ll pull no punches.

But that’s because we understand the potential cost of doing anything less.

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