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We deliver expert health, safety and environment advice backed by real industry experience.

Cameron Clark

For more than 19 years Cameron has delivered a range of health, safety, environmental and risk management solutions to organisations across almost every industry in Australia. Part of Cameron’s success comes from his experience in consultancy, managerial and operational roles, providing him with a well rounded understanding of commercial, operational and legislative requirements that must be balanced to achieve long term sustainable risk management outcomes.

Cameron’s experience includes significant tenures in Commonwealth, State and Local government, Transport, Logistics, Defence, Finance, Telecommunications, Property, Building and Construction, providing Cameron with a depth and breadth of experience rarely seen. During these tenures Cameron has identified a number of unique HSE risk management solutions and developed a strong network of trusted, technical professionals. Cameron regularly leverages these networks for the benefit of his clients, becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for solving HSE risks.

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Michael Brittliff

For 19 years, Michael has been a dedicated safety professional, with the past 12 years as a full time consultant. His ability to quickly immerse himself into the clients’ systems and culture allows him to develop a very clear understanding of what is required to drive change and HSE systems improvement. His success in consultancy comes from being a very honest and pragmatic individual who is able to question traditional safety functions and inspire clients to consider innovative ways on how processes can be developed to add value to the business.

Michael has partnered with businesses to successfully deliver on a diverse range of projects to Retail, Logistics, Construction, Rail, Telecommunication, Property, Mining, Manufacturing clientele including large projects with Local, State and Commonwealth government agencies. These projects range from technical risk assessments, to systems improvement, strategy development/planning and OHS Lead Auditor training.

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Yim Chin

Yin has worked as a health and safety consultant for over 22 years and during this time has acquired a wide range of technical and management skills. Yin’s technical skills extend to assisting her clients with developing WHS strategies, creating programs to transform safety culture, developing WHS management systems using continuous improvement frameworks, auditing WHS management systems against recognized audit tools such as AS/NZS4801 and the National Audit Tool (NAT), contractor management, designing and facilitating workshops to build leadership and employee capability and risk assessment. Yin has provided professional advice to a broad range of industry sectors including retail, health, property management, transport, manufacturing and mining.

As a Director of Verus Australia Pty Ltd Yin is passionate about creating trusted advisor relationships with clients and delivering real solutions that make a difference to their business. This is achieved through establishing long-term relationships along with developing a strong understanding and appreciation of her clients’ operational needs and challenges. Yin also works closely with Senior Leadership teams to help them create internal capability and resilience around the WHS function ensuring it is well integrated into overall business processes. Yin is also a safety leadership coach and works with senior and middle management teams supporting them to become better safety leaders in their roles.

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Michael Brittliff

Director, Queensland

Michael has been a safety professional for 14 years both in operational and consultancy roles. Michael uses this experience to question traditional safety functions and inspire clients to come up with ideas on how things can be done more effectively and in a way that aligns with their business needs. His strengths and interests lie in HSE strategy, systems development and implementation where his extensive experience in HSE auditing many industries has allowed him to observe new situations and quickly assess what needs to change for systemic improvement.

During his time in consultancy he has successfully delivered a diverse range of projects to Local, State and Commonwealth government agencies, Retail, Mining, Logistics, Telecommunication, Property, Manufacturing and Construction clientele. Michael has built AS/ISO accredited systems, facilitated workshops, built audit tools and programs, coached management through HSE change and developed training programs to deliver systemic and cultural improvement. 

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Yin Chim

Director, Victoria

Yin has over 18 years of experience in the provision of expert health and safety advice. She has extensive experience working with Leadership Teams to create and implement workplace health and safety strategies to drive organisational change, increase employee engagement and to build internal capability to drive safety performance improvement. In addition to working with Leadership Teams, Yin has assisted organisations to design, develop and implement workplace health and safety policies and management systems. These are created in consultation with the workforce and are based on an organisation’s risk profile and recognised system frameworks such as Australian and International Standards. Yin has also assisted many organisations in the creation of risk profiles through the facilitation of risk management workshops with Senior Managers.

Yin specialises in safety leadership and culture change, HSE strategy development and implementation, policy creation, HSE management systems development and implementation, HSE risk management, and the management of organisational change.

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