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Verus delivers strategic and sustainable environmental health and safety solutions designed to accomplish real change across your business.

As your organisation’s approach to safety performance matures, we work with you to create and embed the right safety culture at every level of your operation. Our strategies and change programs are designed for the real world, and will provide your organisation with real, measurable and continuously improvable results.

Safety Strategy Development

Developing and executing a whole of business safety strategy is necessary to achieve long term change for your business. However, too many strategies are just high-level statements of intent that resonate with executives, but which fail to be implemented or don’t engage frontline personnel. Our strategies are designed to work in the real world – they are designed to be implemented and understood and ultimately to be measured – so that you can measure their effect on your business.

You can measure the success of our strategies long after they have been implemented

Safety Culture Design, Implementation and Transformation

Changing an organisation’s safety culture is one of the most difficult leadership challenges. We don’t try to use the same approach for every business, instead we design our change programs to suit the specifics of your business. We consider all facets of your business when designing a change program and ensure that the eventual program will take into account your:

  • leadership team
  • business practices
  • existing and potential operational constraints
  • safety objectives and strategy
  • risk management profile and

Our programs engage and influence your frontline, supervisory and management stakeholders to successfully transform your workplace safety culture.

Employee and Management Safety Coaching

Being a great manager is different to successfully leading change – we understand this. Our highly experienced safety consultants also have significant expertise in coaching. We can provide the opportunity to "brain-dump" and to receive feedback, independent perspectives, fresh ideas, and high-level expertise about human behaviours in the context of environmental health and safety. We deliver the support and advice your managers will need during a period of organisational change and strategy implementation.

Safety Leadership and Behavioural Change

Effective leadership is the key to achieving organisation-wide behavioural change. At Verus our safety strategies and change programs reinforce this basic truth. Our safety leadership and behavioural change programs provide your organisation’s managers with real insights into their change leadership capabilities.

We work directly with your people, enabling them to successfully develop the competencies required to become effective safety leaders for your business.

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