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COVID-19 has triggered enormous changes in the measures employers need to take to meet their OHS/WHS obligations to protect employees from infectious diseases. As a professional health and safety risk-management consultancy, Verus can help you understand and meet your obligations at this unprecedented time

The New Normal

The old ways of working are gone, and in their place is a new normal that all organisations will need to adjust to quickly, not only to protect their employees but also the continuity of their businesses.

Risk Profiling

The development of an accurate risk profile is critical to your organisation’s ability to implement strategic and successful risk management strategies. Verus can help your organisation clearly understand and prioritise its risk, and develop the structured goals and targets needed to deliver continual improvement, and achieve your HSE objectives. We can develop risk profiles that include the risks that the entire organisation must manage, or only those that a particular function or part of the organisation must address.

Understanding your OHS/WHS Duties

While ways of working have been upended, an organisation’s legal responsibility to protect employees’ health and safety remains. Verus can help you understand your legal obligations, how they relate to COVID-19 hazards and pandemics in general, as well as practical ways to meet them. This could include:

  • Facilitation of workshops to understand the impact of COVID-19 and lessons learned
  • Updates to crisis management and business continuity plans (CMPs and BCPs)
  • Changes that may impact on how your organisation evaluates risk
  • Input on risk frameworks, risk profiles and organisational strategy
  • Advice on how to consult with employees
  • Advice to boards

Risk Management Strategies for COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed how organisations need to think about risks and how to control them. Verus can assist you to evaluate these risks to ensure you are prioritising the right areas, including:

  • Identifying vulnerable groups or individuals
  • Working from home (WFH) strategies
  • Identifying high-risk activities
  • Identifying high-risk areas
  • Mental health impacts

Verus can also advise you on risk controls to prevent or minimise transmission, including:

  • Working on site vs working from home
  • Visitor / third-party access
  • Rostering/rotational shifts
  • Upskilling & training
  • Physical distancing
  • Cleaning
  • Hygiene
  • PPE

Management Systems

An effective management system needs to align with how people in your organisation work. If your business has experienced significant change, Verus can review and update your Health and Safety Management System to ensure it:

  • Includes requirements for managing COVID-19 risks
  • Suits and can adapt to new working environments
  • Covers changes to outsourcing arrangements
  • Aligns to new organisation structures

Monitoring Programs

Verus can provide advice, strategies and resources for ongoing monitoring of new work environments. This can include systems designed to monitor workplace conditions, culture, or the inclusion of criteria to address COVID-19 in internal audit and business assurance programs. Advice can cover:

  • Integration of risk control programs for COVID-19 into business assurance/internal audit
  • Inclusion of COVID-19 Risk Control programs into existing monitoring programs
  • Inspection programs to confirm specific COVID-19 controls are implemented
  • Automatic / manual monitoring systems
  • Monitoring for symptoms
  • Employee surveys
  • Culture surveys

Verus is here to support you in continuing to meet your OHS/WHS obligations as you protect the health and safety of your organisation and employees at this challenging time.

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