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Effective risk management is a whole of business proposition and the result of rigorous investigation and accurate and timely information. Verus tells you the truth and provides your business with the level of strategic capability needed to meet the challenges of managing risk in the modern workplace. Our expert risk management consultants work with your organisation through the entire risk management lifecycle, and supply the expert guidance to ensure your objectives are fully met.

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Risk Assessment

Accurately assessing and managing risk is vital to your business continuity and bottom line. Verus can perform a range of specialist risk assessments that will ensure compliance with the full range internal, contractual, statutory and legal requirements. Our risk assessment specialists can conduct:

  • Chemical Risk Assessment
  • Plant Risk Assessment
  • Working at Heights
  • Construction Risk
  • Confined Spaces
  • Task Risk Assessment

All risk assessments are conducted by qualified and highly experienced auditors, and are executed as per the AS/NZS ISO 31000 standards.

Risk Management Frameworks

Verus develops organisational Risk Management Frameworks that provide a disciplined and structured methodology, and which seamlessly align risk management activities to your strategic and operational requirements. We work collaboratively with your organisation to develop, implement, monitor and enhance organisational risk management frameworks, providing compliance with recognised Risk Management Standards such as AS/NZS ISO 31000.

Risk Profiling

The development of an accurate risk profile is critical to your organisation’s ability to implement strategic and successful risk management strategies. Verus can help your organisation clearly understand and prioritise its risk, and develop the structured goals and targets needed to deliver continual improvement, and achieve your HSE objectives. We can develop risk profiles that include the risks that the entire organisation must manage, or only those that a particular function or part of the organisation must address.

On-site and In-house Support

Verus offer a range of on-site and in-house support options for our range of risk management services. We can provide one-off, short term, project based and medium term support options. Our highly qualified staff are available to ensure that your business, operational and safety requirements will continue to be achieved.

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