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About Us

Michael Brittliff


For 24 years, Michael has been a dedicated safety professional, with the past 15 years as a full-time consultant. His ability to quickly immerse himself into the clients’ systems and culture allows him to develop a very clear understanding of what is required to drive change and HSE systems improvement. His success in consultancy comes from being a very honest and pragmatic individual who is able to question traditional safety functions and inspire clients to consider innovative ways to improve safety and integration.

Michael has partnered with businesses to successfully deliver on a diverse range of projects to Retail, Logistics, Construction, Rail, Telecommunication, Property, Mining, Manufacturing and Aviation clientele including large projects with Local, State and Commonwealth government agencies. These projects range from technical risk assessments, to systems improvement/rationalisation, strategy development/planning and OHS Lead Auditor training.

As an accredited Self-Insurance Auditor since 2007, Michael has become well known within the self-insurance industry (Comcare and State based) as an adaptive and capable Master Auditor who is willing to share knowledge on technical risk controls. His coaching approach not only identifies opportunities for improvement but celebrates what’s good about his clients’ systems. He often receives feedback from clients that ‘much to their surprise’, the audit was both enjoyable and informative. His insight into many different systems, workplaces and risk profiles has allowed him to understand the challenges businesses face when building sustainable HSE systems. This same knowledge has allowed him to work closely with senior management on methods to influence change and build sustainability.