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Conference presentation


Conference presentation


ISO45001, Safety Culture

Implementing ISO 45001? Senior Leaders are vital for success

ISO 45001 recognises that simply driving strict adherence to policies and procedures isn’t enough to improve your safety performance
Safety Management, Franchising

Franchisee or Franchisor: Who’s responsible for safety?

In a segment employing more than half a Million people, understanding how to protect them at work is vital for both Franchisees and Franchisors.
Self Insurance, Workers Compensation

Applying for Self Insurance - A beginners guide

Becoming self-insured isn’t for every organisation, but changes to both workers compensation schemes and self-insurance arrangements have made becoming self-...
a group of elevated work platforms with the man box extended at height
Safety Management

Elevated Work Platforms - Updated Obligations

Updates to Industry Standards in Victoria for elevated work platforms (EWP) have enhanced health and safety obligations for EWP operators. 
ISO logo
Self Insurance, ISO45001

ISO Standard 45001 vs the National Audit Tool

Self-insurers are about to experience a significant update in health and safety management obligations. 
workplace injury
Self Insurance

Is now the right time to consider Self Insurance?

With recent increases to workers compensation premiums, is now the time to consider the benefits of Self-insurance?
Monkeys - Hear no eveil, speak no eveil, see no evil
Safety Audits

Maintaining Audit Assurance During COVID-19 Lockdowns

What we read, what we hear and what we see. A combination of information used by safety, quality and environmental Auditors around the world to examine how w...
Puffin bird
Safety Management

Building Smart & Adaptable Management System

Management systems arent meant to be command and control. Instead, trust your people and build your management systems around it.
Illustration of a man walking in a maze
Working From Home

The Road Back... Returning to Workplaces

As we slowly immerge from our ‘Corona Coma’ it’s time to start thinking about preparing workplaces for employees to begin a ‘new normal’ in a safe and organi...
Graphic representing covid germs
Working From Home

Monitoring Health & Safety in a COVID19 World

Set and forget. An attitude that is all too common across workplaces when it comes to managing health and safety and one that too often results in a serious ...
Woman working from home office
Working From Home

Maintaining Culture across Remote Workplaces

When we contact our clients, we often get feedback about how we, Verus, are very consistent in our approach, our findings, delivery and professionalism. I pu...
Office worker using a mobile phone
Working From Home

Now is the time for Frontline Managers to Shine

Two Hundred and Forty Million – That’s how many results Google returns for a "Working from Home during COVID19" search. Without reading each and every one, i...
Person working on a tablet
Working From Home

Working from Home has become the new normal

With the unprecedented changes we have all been forced to make to the way we live our lives for the unforeseeable future to control the spread of COVID-19, l...
Large chemcial refinery
Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous Chemicals & the GHS: Compliance Requirements

Whilst WHS and OHS/DG jurisdictions typically outline similar requirements when it comes to managing hazardous chemicals, there are a number of key differenc...
Large fuel tanks
Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous Chemicals & the GHS: Chemical Storage

Most organisations understand, that at the very least, controls are needed when using hazardous chemicals, but forget that chemicals in storage can...
Caution sign for toxic/hazardous chemicals
Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous Chemicals & the GHS: Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) can provide a huge amount of valuable information, but on their own, don't outline how to safely use a chemical in your workplace.
Cannisters with warning labels on them
Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous Chemicals & the GHS: An Introduction

Ironically, the (deep breath) Global Harmonised System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals was meant to make things easier, but for some, the ...
Shredded Paper
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: Don't Hide or Conceal Evidence

Everyone likes getting a 'good' result from their Safety Audit. If executed well a good result from a Safety Audit can give a measure of comfort that pe...
Bowl of nachos
Safety Audits

Health and Safety Audits: Don't Double Dip

Has there been a more famous food safety message than Seinfeld's 'Double Dip' episode?  Perhaps not, but that same message can also apply to Safety Audi...
Keyboard with a large red RISK!! button
Safety Audits

Health & Safety Audits: Take a Risk Based Approach

Spending time on the things that really matter is a challenge for nearly everyone in today's fast paced society. In our haste to get things done we often foc...
Stack of paper reports with a magnifying glass inspecting them
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: Understand the Audit Standard & Criterion

Failing to read and understand the fine print in contracts or conditions has left many people high and dry. The same can happen when the finer detail in Audi...
Group of office workers having a meeting
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: Understand the Reason for your Audit

Have you ever been asked to do something without knowing the reason for it? No doubt we all have. For simple tasks, minimal understanding of why something ne...
Puffin bird
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: How to Choose the Right Auditor

Would you let someone without a driver's licence borrow your car? People without medical training prescribe you medication? Or let someone decide on risk con...
Woman and man having a meeting
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: Make Sure there is an Audit Plan

A pilot will always develop a Flight Plan to describe their proposed aircraft flight prior to taking off. It includes two safety critical aspects: fuel calcu...
Man writing on paper with a pen
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: Give Your Auditor Time to Prepare

We can all remember being asked to attend a meeting or facilitate a workshop at the last minute, with limited or no time to prepare. The thought of having to...
Audit reports filed in shelves
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: Are your Records & Documents accessible?

You can have the best Safety Culture and safety practices in the world, but if you don't get your documentation right or provide access to records, the audit...
Stack of paper reports with a magnifying glass inspecting them
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Them

Safety Audits, A waste of everyone's time or a great way to identify safety improvements?
Graphic of a man in a suit walking around a maze
Safety Audits

Safety Audits: Make Sure Your System is Ready

You've spent countless hours writing and developing your health and safety management system, so isn't it time to find out just how good it is? Isn't it time...