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Verus is a professional health, safety and environment risk management consultancy, operating across Australia.

We are a dynamic and contemporary business, delivering bold and sustainable solutions by working in partnership with our clients. Above all – we tell the truth – and pride ourselves on really listening, so we can fully understand and meet the needs of our clients.

Verus provides expertise in:

Verus operates at the forefront of health, safety and environment risk management in Australia.  We apply our knowledge and multi-industry experience to create superior value for our clients and to achieve exceptional outcomes.  Our health and safety consultants are honest, informed, creative professionals who harness multi-disciplinary capability and extensive experience to deliver truly collaborative professional services. 

We develop and deliver bespoke solutions, not 'off the shelf' products, and provide innovative services that add value to your business and keep your people safe.  

Latest News

20 July 2018
Everyone likes getting a 'good' result from their Safety Audit. If executed well a good result from a Safety Audit can give a measure of comfort that people aren't being exposed to unnecessary risks and are well protected against injury and illn...
27 June 2018
Has there been a more famous food safety message than Seinfeld's 'Double Dip' episode?  Perhaps not, but that same message can also apply to Safety Audits. I'm not talking about food hygiene but how the outcomes and findings from your safety aud...