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The Australian manufacturing industry faces complex and ever-increasing challenges as wage increases and soaring production costs reduce its competitiveness in a global market.

Covering a huge range of activities, manufacturing presents a complex mix of significant risks. Human interaction with dangerous plant, equipment and substances brings risk of injuries and exposure to hazardous chemicals. The industry also employs a large labour-hire workforce, with many nationalities and skilled and unskilled workers represented. English can be the second language for many, presenting challenges in communicating health and safety information. The physical effects of shift work add to the risks.

Production, financial pressures and safety often compete for priority in manufacturing, and complex organisational structures and management systems further complicate decision-making and the exercising of authority. Employees can end up wasting time administering highly bureaucratic systems in which requirements are not clear.

How Verus can help

While requirements may not always be clear, what is clear is that those seeking to continue in manufacturing will need to find ways to make safety as simple and efficient as possible.

Verus supports manufacturers to minimise the effect of their health and safety challenges. We work closely with them to develop and streamline their health and safety management systems, making it easier to communicate expectations to the workforce and reducing the bureaucracy of paperwork, so that the right decisions can be made more quickly and easily.

Our risk-profiling and risk assessments help manufacturers prioritise where resources are needed to control significant risks, and provide key insight to senior management in fulfilling legal obligations.