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Evolving Health and Safety requirements significantly impact the already complex risk profile of property management.

Ever-increasing safety standards continuously 'up the ante' with working at height and asbestos, electrical and chemical risks. There are ongoing issues and costs to manage, and hazards covered by additional building regulations that require familiarity across multiple laws. Help is also generally needed fast, with issues often slowing development, limiting the use of the property and impacting tenant operations.

Additional challenges include:

  • Different safety skill sets needed throughout the property life cycle, from construction, operational safety and maintenance to divestment, demolition and redevelopment.
  • Complex and sometimes hidden hazards requiring specialist skills, including asbestos, electrical, cooling towers, fire and emergency management.
  • Planning applications that take additional time and money.
  • Multiple contractors needing to be procured and managed.
  • Different legislation across states and territories.

How Verus can help

Verus helps property managers navigate their health and safety challenges and requirements through systems and tools to support them to execute their role in accordance with legislative requirements. We can:

  • Help tenants and landlords find compromises that address safety but minimise costs.
  • Develop bespoke solutions to suit the unique requirements of your business.
  • Assess building design, so that risks can be designed out before construction.
  • Identify building related hazards that impact tenants or don’t meet legal requirements.
  • Develop systems to support the effective engagement, selection and management of contractors.

Our tailored approach is based on significant knowledge and experience. And because integrity is at our core, we’ll be honest about what you need to do, but also what you don’t.