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Case Study

ANZ Banking Group Limited – national WHS audit

Completed 2019


ANZ wanted to gain a level of assurance that its operations across self-insured jurisdictions were meeting the requirements of its health and safety management system.

The Challenge

ANZ was self-insured for workers compensation across several states and territories, and several jurisdictions required them to complete WHS audits to demonstrate compliance to an audit standard. ANZ therefore engaged Verus to independently assess their compliance and identify areas for improvement.

Project Goals

  • Conduct WHS Audits to assess ANZ's compliance to a specified audit standard.
  • Confirm self-insured jurisdictions met self-insurance licence conditions.
  • Implement an assurance program inclusive of those jurisdictions to assess compliance to ANZ's health and safety management system.

The Insight

We combined our extensive experience working with self-insurance schemes, in the finance and retail sectors, and auditing to recognised audit standards, to develop a comprehensive audit program for ANZ.

The Solution

  • Developed a National WHS Audit Program.
  • Took a coaching approach with auditees.
  • Completed audits that included desktop reviews, interviews and site inspections to confirm systems were implemented.
  • Provided Audit Report that documented detailed findings and improvement opportunities.