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Case Study

Greater Western Water – procedure development

Completed 2022


Greater Western Water (GWW), formed after the merger of Western Water and City West Water in July 2021, needed to integrate their respective legacy systems and develop safe systems for the future, including for ISO 45001:2018 accreditation.

The Challenge

Following the GWW merger, it was recognised that the Western Water and City West Water legacy systems needed to be integrated into a single way of operating. GWW also wished to obtain ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management certification in the future, across the entirety of the merged businesses. However, they faced a lack of time and resources in the business to get all procedures integrated and rolled out for consultation.

Project Goals

  • Using relevant procedures already developed by the merged entities as the basis for specific content, identify and develop procedures that delivered a consistent methodology for GWW while also meeting the intent of ISO 45001.
  • Prepare draft procedures that would then be reviewed by stakeholder working groups.

The Insight

We applied our experience merging amalgamated entity systems on previous projects and working with similar risk profiles, as well as our expertise in audit and understanding the intent of ISO 45001 criteria, to develop a tailored, future-focused solution for GWW.

The Solution

  • Developed draft procedures in consultation with GWW subject matter experts to assist with a more complete first draft.
  • Developed new templates to show ownership by both merged entities.
  • Experienced auditors and systems consultants conducted an internal peer review process.
  • Use of simple language and appealing formatting to drive understanding and engagement.