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Case Study

Nando’s – safety strategy – Aust & NZ

Completed 2021


Nando’s engaged Verus to assist in transforming their health, safety and wellbeing (HSW) program to meet current and future requirements, and better align with their people-focused culture. Making a difference in peoples’ lives is a Nando’s value, and they identified that improving health and safety outcomes would be one key way to make that difference.

The Challenge

Nando’s wanted to transform their HSW program to one that would work in a restaurant environment and meet both New Zealand and Australian legislative requirements for health and safety. It also needed to be developed during the COVID-19 lockdowns and leverage their existing leadership programs and global purpose of ‘changing lives, together’.

Project Goals

  • Define a consistent vision for health and safety.
  • Develop a plan that sets out strategic improvements to leverage the existing strong culture around employee wellbeing.
  • Leverage existing programs, global purpose and people-focused culture.
  • Ensure compliance with Australian and New Zealand laws.

The Insight

We combined our retail and food & beverage experience, including experience with developing strategic plans, and knowledge of OHS management systems that could be used in restaurant environments, to help transform Nando’s HSW program.

The Solution

  • Reviewed existing OHS performance, information and internal policies and procedures.
  • Reviewed and conducted interviews remotely with senior leadership.
  • Engaged with teams remotely to conduct surveys and polls in restaurants across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Developed a plan that outlined eight key improvement areas.
  • Tailored improvement areas to both operations and corporate practices.