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Case Study

Symbion Pty Ltd – Safety in Design

Completed 2022


Wholesaler of healthcare services and products Symbion was expanding its network of distribution centres in New Zealand, and needed an independent view on its new Safety in Design processes.

The Challenge

Symbion was building a new facility in Auckland New Zealand, and a comprehensive Safety in Design process was being established to identify safety issues associated with the detailed design and build of the site. Certain controls had been proposed, but were not necessarily fit-for-purpose considering the new site’s internal layout, equipment, and forklift and manual handling work requirements.

Project Goals

  • Conduct a peer review of the proposed controls determined during the Safety in Design process that had commenced.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance operational safety standards.

The Insight

With significant experience in warehousing and logistics and an in-depth understanding of Safety in Design concepts, we were able to provide Symbion with the expert independent guidance and recommendations outlined below.

The Solution

  • Conducted a comprehensive review of:
    • Architectural drawings and site plans
    • Safety in Design Risk Assessment Register
    • External consultant reports – dangerous goods and traffic management
    • Proposed Traffic Management Plan
    • Racking layout plan
    • Project meeting minutes to understand safety elements discussed
    • Any risk assessments beyond those completed by external consultants.
  • Consulted with key stakeholders on proposed Safety in Design improvements.
  • Developed a Safety in Design Risk Register that detailed identified hazards, level of risk and proposed mitigation measures.