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Case Study

RACV self-insurance support

Completed 2020, 2023


RACV was preparing for their self-insurance re-licence, which was integral to their operations. However, the previous internal audit program wasn’t helping them to adequately prepare.

The Challenge

RACV’s audit program was being performed by an internal auditor who was not independent of the audit system. This raised the risk of conflicting results, and results that were often short of expectations due to the influence of internal relationships. It was felt the program was not uncovering potential issues nor supporting the organisation to continually improve – the primary aim of an OHS system – rather, it was about getting through the audit. Adding to the challenge, organisational knowledge of the self-insurance scheme was low. Verus was brought in to assist.

Project Goals

  • Complete audit against licence conditions.
  • Transition the organisation from internal auditor to external auditor, and thus from internal auditor results to external auditor results.

The Insight

We were able to bring together our extensive experience with the regulator, the self-insurance scheme and dealing with nervous auditees to successfully transition RACV from an internal to external auditor through the solution detailed below.

The Solution

  • Adopted Verus auditing method to put stakeholders at ease – low jargon, friendly environment and focus on opportunities, not issues.
  • Walked through the updated process with stakeholders, helping them understand what came next.
  • Talked through and guided the client on typical regulator responses, reducing anxiety and panic.